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We have used Radio Waves Media on several occasions over the past two years on both our current ships. We intend to use this format on our new vessels with custom studios. We have found the service both novel and also very useful, in promoting onboard activities and has proven very successful in promoting onboard future sales and shore excursions.

Horst Pint Hotel Operations Director Saga

When David launched Radio Waves

Christopher Rynd
Christopher Rynd

onboard the Queen Mary 2, I was surprised at the immediate uptake from both guests and onboard concessions. As a direct result of onboard promotion our cruise sales went up 15%  in a week, which was tracked to Radio Waves, and could be tracked by utilising promotion codes. From a company point of view it proved not only very cost effective but also a great source of entertainment.

Commodore Christopher Rynd, Cunard

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My name is Kate de la Hunty and I have worked with  Australian Opal Cutters and Australian Pearl Divers for the last 7 years on various cruise ships as a Trunk Show representative.

It has been a great pleasure to have been introduced to a relatively new concept called Radio Waves that was on the Saga Sapphire on 2 separate occasions with contracts that ranged from 8 to 14 weeks.

Kate De La Huntey
Kate de la Hunty

Marketing for trunk shows to directly produce sales has become increasingly more challenging over the last couple of years. The lack of new guests to cruising, changing of management styles with regard to policy’s that affect how we market to guests and a tighter control on spending in general has taken its toll our ability to make profit for all parties.

Radio Waves was a great way to be able to be in constant contact with our guests every day whether they came to the boutiques or not. We were able to run competitions, conduct educational interviews and become a personality that the guests would hear from on a daily basis.

This collaboration with David Wimble/ Radio Waves certainly contributed to my capacity to not just make target but exceed it every time on Saga Sapphire. I can honestly say that my elevated sales were a direct result of our marketing activities on the air. I wish this service was available on more ships.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions you may have.

Kate de la Hunty

1 443 994 6584